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Roommate/Bed Openings

Bed Availability Database  (NC Dept of MH/DD/SA) – Online, statewide database of group homes, IFC’s and supported apartments for people with developmental disabilities and mental illness. CLICK HERE to view the web page.

The ARC of NC HOUSING VACANCY LIST  for IDD and SPMI (Severe and Persistent Mental Illness).

Additional Listings by Date requested are below. For details to post a roommate situation, go to the bottom of this page.

3/22/17 – Male Housemate Wanted, North Raleigh: My 32-year-old son is looking for someone to share expenses in 2 BR/2.5 BA townhouse near Shelley Lake and 23 L bus stop. He has a cat so prospective housemate must be ok with cats. My son has services through the Innovations Waiver, but enjoys his time without staff. He has 2 part-time jobs and enjoys walking, painting, cooking, listening to music, as well as the gym and day trips. I would like to find more people in the area for him to meet even if they aren’t interested in sharing the house. If you are interested, please contact me at joymjohn@bellsouth.net.

3/22/2017 – Lutheran Services Carolinas has a female resident opening at the Building Independence Program. Building Independence is a nine resident supervised independent living community in Raleigh. The female resident will have their own bedroom and bathroom, but share living space (living and dining room, kitchen) with two other female tenants. There is a staff person at Building Independence on Tuesday and Thursday for 8 hours each day. The staff are on call 24/7. If you are interested in learning more about this opening, please contact Cheri Rolison at 205-807-4959.

3/22/2017 – Lutheran Services Carolinas has a male resident opening at the Green Level Apartments. Green Level is a six apartment, two bedroom two bath, supervised independent living community in Cary. The male resident will have his own bedroom and bathroom but share living space (living and dining room, kitchen) with another male tenant.  There is a staff person at Green Level Apartments on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 8 hours each day. The staff are on call 24/7. If you are interested in learning more about this opening, please contact Cheri Rolison at 205-807-4959.

3/2/2017 – URGENT – Roommate Wanted. My 41-year old daughter is a very high functioning special needs woman and needs a roommate.  You only pay ½ of utilities which is about $150 per month.  You can work or go to school full time, but the requirement is that because of her medical dx, she requires that her roommate be in the home 10pm – 7 or during the overnight hours.  She lives in a 2 bedroom, 2 bath apartment in Overlooke at Simms Creek off Hwy. 1 in Raleigh.

If you would like to interview as a roommate, please let me know. Fran Hamilton at  sunbird2302@yahoo.com or cell #  (252) 725-9003.  Great opportunity….don’t miss out!  

1/17/2017 – Roommate Wanted.  I have a 19 year old high – functioning Autistic (Level 2) son. Our family moved to Wake Forest in June of 2016. I am in the process of trying to get my son help with funding for housing. Until this can be accomplished, we are looking for a male who would be interested in becoming a friend to my son and possibly before this year is over, will become a roommate. A residence has not been established at this time either. My son currently works part-time at Publix grocery in Wake Forest. He attends the Richland Creek Community Church. He loves playing video games, drawing and writing stories. My priority is finding a roommate, but finding someone (male or female) in his age group at this time to spend time with would also be a plus! Thank you, K. Pugh. Please contact me at kathyann3969@aol.com.

2/2/2017 – LIFE, Inc. currently has 2 adult ICF Group Home openings. One opening is at our Roper Road co-ed home located in Plymouth, NC. The ages in the home range from 46 to 70 years old. The second opening is at our Minute Man home located in Washington, NC.  This is an all ladies home with age ranges of 31 to 60 years old.  Both homes are six bed facilities and the individuals have the opportunity to participate in a day program setting also operated by LIFE, Inc.  I can be contacted at 252-229-9385 or by email at kwhite@lifeincorporated.com.  Thank you.

1/17/2017 – Macon Citizens Habilities, Inc. currently has an opening at our ICF-IDD home located in Jackson County (Sylva).  It is a co-ed home with the other 5 residents ranging in age from 47-69.  At this time, due to the needs of the current 5 residents, the home could not serve someone who is highly aggressive and/or requires restraint as a supportive technique.  Our residents attend a licensed, highly-structured day program each weekday, with some ability to allow for modified schedules based on individual needs. If you would like further information, please feel free to contact me. Thank you so much, Christi Huff, Executive Director Macon Citizens Habilities, Inc Phone: 828-524-5888, ext. 218.

1/17/2017 – Surry-Yadkin Residential Services has an ICF-IDD opening for a male or female 18 years or older. The 6 bed group home is co-ed. We can provide services for an individual in a wheel chair. Our staff are trained in NCI-CORE and can intervene and assist a resident who has mild to moderate behaviors. This would not include a client who is a threat to themselves or others.
The home is located in Mt. Airy, NC. During the week our residents attend a Gift Shop/ Day Program where they work on skills related to pre-vocational, arts and crafts and educational skills.
Please contact Dawn Pegram for more information
Dawn Pegram
Executive Director, QIDP
(336)719-0062 ext# 203

Roomates wanted for a Group Home under Development! We are actively looking to purchase a home that we would turn over to an agency to run.  Our 18 year old son , Thomas would live there. We would love to be able to identify two other individuals that may be interested in moving into a group home.  As I said this is in the beginning stages but we are very committed to making this happen sooner rather than later.  Individuals would need to have CAP or Innovation Waiver and be a level 3 or 4.  If you are interested please contact me at mtzahn@bellsouth.Net. Thank you, Mary Zahn



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